Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball Method Worked For Me.

$50,000 in debt between the student loans and credit cards. Every other Friday my paycheck would enter my bank account and I would go through which bills were due and make payments until a little bit was left. That $100-$150 would be my gas and food budget for the next two weeks or 14 days. That’s less than $10 per day.

I knew I had to get myself under control. And so I when was recommended to read Dave Ramsey’s “The Complete Money Makeover,” I dove right in. And little by little I paid off my debt. It took about 7 years, but it’s done. None of my credit cards hold a balance. My car is paid off. I am in essence… free.

All of us can get there if we learn how money works and if we apply these principles to our lives with consistent and disciplined effort.

If you are in debt and are struggling each and every week to survive financially. Then I implore you to check out Dave’s program. It’s incredible and I highly recommend it.


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Leader. Strong communicator known for building successful teams while establishing long-lasting relationships and customer bases. Skilled in change management by guiding teams through transitional periods. Creates positive learning environments by mentoring employees. Thrives in high-pressure situations while meeting tight deadlines. Strong business acumen with ability to analyze turnover data and understanding financial functions of an organization. Passionate about helping others succeed in life. "The moment you become an adult is the moment you accept personal responsibility for your life."
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