Is Success in the Eye of the Beholder?

To some, success is fancy cars, big houses, fat bank accounts, and popularity. And I think a lot of people would agree. They see a super skinny model or a famous actor and feel as though that person represents success. Sometimes someone’s status isn’t what it appears to be. Famous athletes wind up broke after their playing careers are over. Sometimes people buy houses and cars they can’t afford and put themselves in financial turmoil. Other times people appear to be in perfect relationships on social media and then as if out of nowhere they update their status to divorced or single. That owner of the hot new sports car? May go home to a run down house. (Knew someone who did this)

Success isn’t in the eye of the beholder. Success comes from within. You can be very successful and not be famous. You could be a millionaire and live in a modest house in a normal neighborhood. That person driving the old clunker station wagon? Could own a $50 million dollar revenue generating coffee company, unbeknownst to anybody. (Knew someone who did this).

Success is thinking of a way of bettering your life situation and then executing that vision into reality. Your vision of success may be to be debt free. Or you might envision owning your own home as making you a success. Maybe you want to be a master in your field. Or maybe you want to live a healthier lifestyle.

In Matthew Kelly’s book “The Dream Manager” he discussed the 12 categories of life: physical, financial, emotional, professional, material, legacy, character, psychological, intellectual, spiritual, creative, and adventure. Some people may be successful in some categories but not others.

I measure success as getting better. This time next year, if I’m smarter, have more money, experienced new things, am more physically fit, etc then I am a success. Everybody has different interests. We probably score higher in some categories and then less than others. The definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

What will you accomplish today? I’m what category of life will you make better today? And if you try a little to get better every day… you can Be Successful Daily.


About bradleybertoniere

Leader. Strong communicator known for building successful teams while establishing long-lasting relationships and customer bases. Skilled in change management by guiding teams through transitional periods. Creates positive learning environments by mentoring employees. Thrives in high-pressure situations while meeting tight deadlines. Strong business acumen with ability to analyze turnover data and understanding financial functions of an organization. Passionate about helping others succeed in life. "The moment you become an adult is the moment you accept personal responsibility for your life."
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