Intro to ‘Be Successful Daily’

Focus.  Take a deep breath.  Try to let your mind go blank for 30 seconds.  What’s that?  “Your troops are ready to take you into battle?” -Chimes your smart phone.  “You have a new email!” – Says the computer.  “Buy Now and SAVE!” – whistles the radio ad.  Even when there is silence when we are driving from one place to another we have sign after advertisement after sign after…It’s too much.  Sometimes in this day and age it’s very difficult to stop, sit down, and actually reflect on your own life.  Sometimes it’s difficult to even take inventory on recent decisions that you’ve made whether they are small ones or huge ones.  Our senses are constantly overloaded.  Advertising agencies have picked apart our biology and have transformed us into the consumer culture we now live in.  Do you feel like you just sped through the last year of your life?  5 years?  More?  There are techniques and methods to get control of your life.

Here’s how I got control of mine:

In 2011 I was ready for a change.  I had been working in retail for 4 years and during those four years I picked up a college degree and a mountain of debt.  I needed to make sure that retail leadership was right for me.  I was 21 years old, supervising a computer department that sold over $23 Million dollars in annual revenue.  Retail was the only job I had ever known.  My brother, Eddie, gave me one of the best gifts that I’ve ever received.  “The Traveler’s Gift” By Andy Andrews.  A story about a man that was down in his life and goes through an incredible transformation where he learns seven decisions that determine personal success.  After reading this book I was inspired, humbled, and motivated.  I then began going to job fairs and meeting with people from different industries.  That’s where I met Mike Kotval, Director of Creative Financial Solutions in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  I then spent the next few months studying part time to pass my Louisiana health and life insurance exams and my series 6 exam, so that I could sell annuities.  Soon after I began studying my brother Eddie struck again.  This time he gave me the book “The Compound Effect” By Darren Hardy.  This book is about the small choices that you make everyday that can compound over time resulting in drastic changes over a period of time.  These books made such a tremendous impact on my life.  I recommend any person that is feeling down or doesn’t feel like they’ve met up to their potential to read these two books.  I also recommend any young adult ages 18-22 to read these books.  They teach through inspiring vision.  They teach about personal accountability.  They changed my life forever.

Now I don’t work for these two men and I’m not getting paid to advertise for them.  (I’m actually hoping I’m not breaking any copyright laws by mentioning them).  I will be posting on here weekly to try and inspire and motivate, much like Andy Andrews, Darren Hardy, and my brother have done for me.

Just remember the major themes of this blog:

You can’t control the hand you were dealt.

You can control your choices.  Meaning you are where you are in life due to the decisions you’ve made, not the circumstances that you couldn’t control.

You control your destiny.


About bradleybertoniere

Leader. Strong communicator known for building successful teams while establishing long-lasting relationships and customer bases. Skilled in change management by guiding teams through transitional periods. Creates positive learning environments by mentoring employees. Thrives in high-pressure situations while meeting tight deadlines. Strong business acumen with ability to analyze turnover data and understanding financial functions of an organization. Passionate about helping others succeed in life. "The moment you become an adult is the moment you accept personal responsibility for your life."
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